Machine Learning in HRAdvanced HR/HCM decision-making features

Introduction of advanced HR/HCM decision-making features through Machine Learning

Machine learning is a growing trend. It is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give systems the ability to “learn” by progressively improving performance on a specific task, with big amounts of data, without being explicitly programmed.

We would like to introduce an innovative way of decision making to help HR teams uncover new insights across all of the HR plane such as support of unbiased decision making in the hiring process, analysis of employee attrition/retention and job to candidate matching.

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Machine Learning in FledgeHR

In FledgeHR, as machine learning models gains a deeper understanding of the company and has absorbed all relevant information, machine learning will be able to enhance the following particular use cases:

  • Measurement of human capital. Measure Human Capital (HC) Potential and Current HC value of an employee by quantifying human personality types based on statistical data collected through profiling of FledgeHR users and employment candidates.
  • Match best candidates to jobs, based on candidate’s personality profile, competences developed through past carrier, and cultural profile of the candidate in comparison with job requirements.
  • Drafting of educational activities according to the competence assessment. Between each competence level FledgeHR dedicates learning activities needed for advancement. Based on gap analyzes between job requirements and current employee competence level FledgeHR will suggest development activities.
  • Management tips according to employee personality profile, which will help improve employee performance.
  • Predict employee “good” and “bad” attrition rates.
  • Help identify trends when it comes to engaging employees by understanding what it is that keeps them happy at the organization.
  • Estimate employee availability during selected periods of time

People make people decisions

While our ultimate goal is to implement machine learning principles as a tool to help managers make better decisions, we don’t see these features as a replacement “brain” that tells them what to do.

We firmly believe that “people should make people decisions” but supported through solid data analytics.

Stay tuned for more!