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FledgeHR is cloud-based, comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable HR solution, which is aimed at providing enterprise level services for a small business budget.

FledgeHR covers all of the expected aspects of a comprehensive HR solution: recruitment, on-boarding, organization management, personal profile, contracts, performance management, variable pay, competency assessment, career development, absence management.

However, several features distinct FledgeHR from the rest of the field – it comes packed with content that contains our past years of experience, in the form of 150+ job templates, 70+ competency cards and on-demand industry specific goal sheets for performance management. Also, included in the package is the ad-hoc employee feedback tool, as the cherry on top of the cake!

With FledgeHR we target companies of approximately 100-1000 people, but smaller or larger is just fine. And, if your business grows beyond that size, we’ll here to fully support it since FledgeHR can scale up at no additional charge.

What is maybe more important, you can keep ALL of your employees in FledgeHR… current employees, retired or former employees, candidates, agency staff etc. We charge you only for current users!

Yes, absolutely!
We are aware that implementing a full fledged HR platform can be challenging, but no worries there. We’ve got you covered with consulting and implementation support. FledgeHR team will walk you through all the necessary steps.

Importantly, you don’t have to start using all of the modules at once, start small, with administration and performance management, the rest more advanced modules will come later as natural fit.

Yes, FledgeHR is cloud hosted, which means it is always online, accessible via internet, on any modern device: laptop, desktop computer, tablet and smart phone.

Additionally, this means the time to benefit is very reduced: the app is already installed and configured for you; no additional hardware/software license costs and new upgrades are instantly available.

We protect your data at all times!
FledgeHR is designed with data protection and security in mind. We perform detailed analysis in all development and hosting phases of the system’s modules taking into account risk assessment, information security and data protection. The output is then applied on all application levels from design documents to low level algorithms and libraries so that information security is embedded in FledgeHR both through our people’s knowledge and through the underlying platform.

Data transmitted and stored in FledgeHR is served to and from your browser under secure connection SSL (Secure Socket Layers)

Read more on this topic here.

No, FledgeHR is designed with role-based security and company hierarchy rights. Besides the basic privileges, you can assign roles to particular users and every employee that manages a unit sees only below his hierarchy.
So, the administrators see everything, and managers and employees see what they have been authorized to see. The setup is easy and in case of a need our team can help you to do it. We also provide detailed help documentation for the application.

FledgeHR was developed by professionals in HR, Management and Technology whose experience gave them the knowledge and vision to create a comprehensive cloud based Human Capital Management system for companies like yours. The system is constantly improved, tested, challenged, re-tested and delivered to you.

FledgeHR is the result of a very fruitful and deep cooperation and collaboration between PrymApps and experienced HR consulting partners. Feel free to contact us for any additional details!

We are open to adding partners who represent new channels for FledgeHR, so we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please read more on our Partners page and use the contact form there to reach our support team, we’ll be glad to have a meeting!

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