Core HRAll data for strategic role of HR in one secure place

Core HR

Keep all needed data for strategic role of HRM in one secure place.
Eliminate manual paperwork and errors!
Track all needed information accurately in one secure database that is accessible from anywhere.

  • Company Info: legal entities, work centers
  • Company Organization: enterprise structure, functional organizaton, job structure, position structure
  • Organizational Chart
  • Matrix type of organization: dotted line reporting
  • Systemization: work complexity, paygrade ranges
  • Employees profiles: contact information, personal information, employment information

Company Data & Employees Data

Company data

  • Define and store organizational structure, job systemization, HR polices & rules and related documents.
  • Multiple organizational structures and multiple company structures can be defined.
  • The visual organizational charts clearly define the organizational hierarchy and reporting lines.

Employees data

  • Employee profile with all the necessary data and the contract of employment.
  • An employee can hold multiple contracts or roles, each with a different reporting line.
  • Each role is created based on the organizational structure.